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Ilinden (village)

Ilinden (Macedonian:  Илинден ) is a quarter in Republic of Macedonia. It is a seat of the Ilinden Municipality. It is also very commonly referred by its old name Belimbegovo, in spite of the fact that the name was changed in
Population: 16,406
Local Time: Friday 2:45 AM
Timezone: Central European Standard Time
 Municipality of Ilinden, Ilinden, Macedonia (FYROM)
Buses and trains
 Street 32 24, Ilinden
CampgroundsOther accommodation
 b.b Industriska zona, 36, Ilinden
Department storesFreight forwardingBuses and trains
 +389 2 310 7655 |  Google+
 Ilinden, Macedonia (FYROM)
Construction of housesOther accommodationReal estate

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