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Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City is the second-most populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey, after Newark. It is the seat of Hudson County, as well as the county's largest city. As of 2014, Jersey City's Census-estimated population was 262,146, with the largest population
Population: 247,597 (2014)
Local Time: Saturday 2:51 AM
Area: 21.1 mi²
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time
Weather: Weather Icon75.6°F heavy rain
 479 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City
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 (201) 626-2900 |  Facebook
 2 Exchange Place, Jersey City
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 (201) 469-1234 |  Facebook
 862 Newark Avenue, Suite 102
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 (201) 420-9080 |  Facebook
 455 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City
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 (201) 499-2400 |  Facebook
 21 2nd Street, Jersey City
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 (201) 659-2500 |  Facebook

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